Embedded System Design Instructional Videos

Cadence OrCAD PCB Design

Custom footprints (package symbols) in Cadence PCB

Using the package symbol wizard to make a new footprint

Netlisting and transferring schematic to PCB editor

EGR304 In-Class PCB Routing Demo (1hr demonstration)

Placing the board outline

Ground planes

Exporting gerbers, adding text, and replacing padstacks

Solder mask layers and quick gerber export

PSoC 5LP and PSoC Creator

Basic LED Flash and Board Test

USBUART Hello World – Sending a String to PuTTY

PWM LED Breathe

Analog Input (SAR ADC) Print to USB

Multiple Analog Inputs Multiplexed (AMux, ADC SAR, and USBUART)

Adjustable Brightness LED (ADC and PWM)

PIC 18F47Q10 MPLab X and MCC (MPLab Code Configurator)

PIC Curiosity Nano EUSART Print Values to USB via PuTTY

PIC Curiosity Nano ADC and PWM Set LED Brightness with Potentiometer

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