My existence began in Lakewood, Colorado, where I went to high school and graduated.  From there, I moved to Mesa, Arizona and began school at Arizona State University.

In my time here I’ve been at multiple campuses, attended hundreds of lectures, became close with many amazing people that I get to see every day, and I’ve learned a lot about the world.  I’ve learned that so many people help me out every day in small, thoughtful ways and I can’t even begin to repay it.  I really value the interactions I have with others, and yes, I even enjoy talking about why I have a website (Hey Tomei)!

I spend most of my time during the semester working or doing projects at school, but when I’m not doing that, I really enjoy traveling and seeing new places.  The son of a pilot, a desire to see the world is practically genetic.  I particularly enjoy visiting my home in Colorado, and friends in California and all around Arizona.

The photo found on the right was taken a couple of years ago, so it might be slightly out-of-date.  Nevertheless, it reflects my eagerness and my enthusiasm to come to work every day.