Us Free Trade Agreement With Morocco

2. The parties cooperate to comply with their laws and regulations with regard to the following provisions: the agreement provides that more than 95% of bilateral trade in consumer and industrial products is immediately released and that all remaining tariffs are abolished within nine years. U.S. export sectors, such as computer products, construction machinery and chemicals, benefit. For the import-sensitive textile and apparel sector, trade is duty-free if imports comply with the rules of origin of the agreement. The agreement stipulates that qualified clothing must contain either yarn and substance in the United States or Morocco, as well as a limited amount of content from third countries. However, the agreement is generally attributed to the influence it has of important labour reforms in Morocco. For example, a new labour law, which came into force on 8 June 2004 (1), raises the minimum age of employment from 12 to 15 to combat child labour; (2) reduces the weekly working time from 48 to 44 hours, with overtime to be paid for overtime; (3) calls for a regular review of Morocco`s minimum wage; (4) guarantees association rights and collective agreements and prohibits workers from taking action against workers because they are unionized. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Labor has implemented an aid program with a budget of nearly $9.5 million to improve labour relations and child labour standards in Morocco, and the Moroccan government has ratified seven of the eight international labour conventions (ILO).

(b) in accordance with Article 20.9.2 (panel report), a recommendation that the respondent comply with or comply with the final allocation. 1. Neither party may impose or implement on its territory an obligation or obligation in relation to the establishment, acquisition, extension, administration, management, execution, operation or sale of an investment of an investor or a party not party in its territory:5 1. Have two or more claims been submitted separately to the arbitration proceedings under Section 10.15.1, and the claims have given rise to a question of law or fact and are they collectively the result of the arbitration procedure under section 10.15.1 situation or identical circumstances, each contracting party may request a decision of consolidation, in accordance with the agreement of all contractors who are covered by the order or the provisions of paragraphs 2 to 10. 12 The written agreement refers to an agreement reached by both parties, which creates an exchange of rights and obligations that binds the two parties under the existing legislation under Article 10.21.2. for better security (a) a unilateral act of an administrative or judicial authority, such as. B, an authorization, a licence or authorization issued by a contracting party exclusively by its power of order or by an order, order or judgment; and (b) an administrative or judicial authorization order or court order are not considered written agreements.