Uk Norway Social Security Agreement

Until the UK left the EU/EEA, Norway had two social security agreements that coordinated the social security relationship between Norway and the UK. Agreement between Denmark and the Federal Republic of Germany on social security on 14 August 1953, with final protocol and supplementary agreement. “Norway and the United Kingdom have a common interest in maintaining their close and mutually beneficial relationships. The agreement we signed today ensures that Norwegian citizens who have acquired rights in the UK retain these rights after the end of the transition period. The same is true for British citizens in EEA-EFTA countries, including Norway. From the beginning, one of the common goals of the UK and Norway was to ensure that Norwegians living in the UK and Britons who decided to settle in Norway could continue their lives as before, even after Brexit,” said Eriksen Seride. The UK authorities without authority have set up a registration system for EU and EEA citizens in the UK – the EU settlement system. Under this scheme, EU and EEA citizens, including Norwegian nationals, can apply to retain their right to stay in the UK after 1 January 2021. Norway will set up a separate application procedure for British citizens who will move to Norway before 31 December 2020. The plans covered by categories (a) (c) and (d) are social security plans subject to contributions. The plan covered in point (b) is free of contributions. Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve greater unity among its members, in particular to facilitate their social progress, the Multilateral Convention on Social Security, concluded by the powers of the Brussels Treaty of 7 November 1949.

Convention on Social Security between Denmark and Turkey of 22 January 1976, which came into force on 1 February 1978. Separation agreements do not apply to persons who acquire rights in the UK after the expiry of the transitional period. Future relations with the United Kingdom have not yet been fully negotiated. Norway is now working to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom for people who find themselves in a cross-border situation after the transition period. If such an agreement is not in force by 1 January 2021, the existing 1957 bilateral social security agreement, revised in 1990, will be implemented.