Subscription Agreement Traduction Francais

This is a French translation of the Odoo Enterprise Subscription Agreement. This translation is provided in the hope that it will facilitate its understanding, but it has no legal value. The only official reference to the Odoo Enterprise Subscription Agreement is the original English version. This software and associated files (the “software”) can only be used with an Odoo Enterprise subscription contract in order and for the number of users in this contract (i.e., executed, modified or executed). During the duration of the contract, if the customer has more users or applications than indicated at the time of the conclusion of this Contract, the Customer agrees to pay for the remainder of the term a surcharge corresponding to the applicable tariff (at the beginning of the contract) for the additional users. For the duration of the contract, Odoo SA undertakes to send the customer a “security alert” for any security issues detected in the software registration versions (except for additional modules) at least 2 weeks before the public notification, unless the error has already been published by a third party. Security alerts include a full description of the bug, its cause, its potential impact on the customer`s systems, and the corresponding fix for each covered version. It is up to the customer to verify and validate the migrated database to detect errors, analyze the effects of changes and new features added to the target version, and convert and adapt third-party software modules that would have been installed in the database prior to migration (for example. B additional modules not covered). The client can submit multiple migration requests for a database until a satisfactory result is available.