Service Agreement In Nepal

The government had asked the Australian government to sign an air transport agreement because of Nepal`s intention to link Australia following the acquisition of two A330-200 long-haul Airbuses. Nepal Airlines officials said the A330-200 would not be able to travel to Australia non-stop. “But Nepal Airlines can fly to Australia through a third-party codeshare agreement. September 8: The government prepares to sign air agreements with four countries, including Finland, Inonesia, Russia and Australia. “The two countries have historical, political and economic relations that have mutually beneficial to both countries. The growth of air services in both countries has greatly facilitated the improvement of these relations,” the ministry said. “This ASA has the potential to stimulate commercial investment, tourism and enhanced cultural exchanges between the two countries, and not just to make it compatible with the evolving international civil aviation scenario.” Cambodia is not on Nepal Airlines Corporation`s list of priorities. However, government authorities believe the agreement would bring Buddhist pilgrims into service. Article V Fees levied on the territory of a contracting party for the use of airports and other facilities by the aircraft of the other contracting party must not exceed the fees paid by aircraft of a national airline providing similar international air services.

Nepal will allow seven weekly flights of Australian airlines to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Australian airlines will be allowed to operate another 28 weekly routes to upcoming airports in Bhairahawa and Pokhara, Nepal said. Article VIII When implementing the air transport services agreed by the designated airline of one of the contracting parties, the interests of the other party`s airlines are taken into account so as not to prejudice the services it provides on the same route. “But they`re flying somewhere else,” Culbert says. “This means that we could immediately operate a five-day-a-week service. With the stimulating effect of a direct flight, we would expect a daily flight from Kathmandu to Sydney not to be a problem.¬†Sydney-Katmandou is 5,253 nautical miles, or 9,728 kilometres. Under the national code-sharing agreement, Australian airlines are free to enter into codeshare agreements with Nepalese national airlines up to any point in Nepal. The cabinet approved last Thursday the Ministry of Tourism`s proposal to sign the air services agreement with Australia. Third-party code action is a right granted by a bilateral agreement that divides the code between an airline of bilateral partners and an airline from a country other than the bilateral partner. The Government of India and the Government of Her Majesty Nepal, known as “contracting parties,” are parties to the International Civil Aviation Convention (the “Convention”), which was signed in Chicago on December 7, 1944, and at LA D.19.

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