Scfa Collective Agreement

Claim (Article 32.2): A worker wishing to make a complaint in Stage 1 of the appeal procedure informs his appointed superior in writing, no later than thirty working days after the day: a) who has informed orally or in writing the appeal or fact that led to the complaint; or b) which he was first aware of the act or circumstances that led to the claim. Here are important dates and deadlines for the collective agreement. If you have any doubts about these dates or have other questions, contact the collective agreement and/or your steward shop. The OC Faculty Association represents more than 300 members of the Faculty of Okanagan College. It is used to maintain and promote the professional status of the association`s members, to regulate the relationship between the faculty and the OC through collective bargaining and union function under the laws of British Columbia. We also invite our members – and non-members – to come to the union with matters of individual or collective importance. Their problems are our problems. With the participation of faculties, the CEW is an effective political voice. Together, we decide how to use the assignment of tasks to educational teachers (reference to collective agreements: section 18.1.3): where possible, until May 31.

Retirement (Collective Agreement: Section 26.1.1): Please note that as of January 1, 2008, this tariff language is not consistent with existing B.C. human rights legislation, which effectively ends mandatory retirement. If the normal date of June 30 is unchanged, there is no obligation for an employee to retire at age 65, according to our collective agreement. To sign the petition, please visit the Professional Development petition page: Article 22): 2-year cycle April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2020. Annual reports (collective agreement: section 21.1.1): for reappointed members, annual reports for the previous calendar year are submitted to the designated supervisory authority by May 15. A designated superior who wishes to use a faculty member`s annual report as part of a summary assessment must meet with the staff member by June 15. The worker is entitled to union representation at such a meeting. Term staff are not required to submit an annual report. Occupational allowance (reference to collective agreements: item 37.7): request until 31 May to claim charges incurred in the previous year. Extended Study Leave (Article 24): A worker requests extended study leave from the Extended Study Leave Committee until October 1 of the calendar year in which extended study leave begins. The Extended Study Leave Committee reviews applications annually no later than November 1 and recommends to the CHAIR of the OC candidates for a longer study leave. Permission or rejection of an application for extended study leave is issued until December 1.

March 31, 2019 – April 1, 2022Indication: The 2019-2022 agreement is active, but OCFA has not yet received an updated copy. The old agreement on the site will be updated if a copy of the new agreement is available. Leave (collective agreement: section 39.1.3): in effect until March 31; OC contribution calendar until April 15.