Rebate Agreement Type For Customer Rebates

When you create or change discount agreements, you can create conditions by selecting goto -> conditions to access the “Agreement Preview” screen. Enter the data needed to create a packaging dataset (for example. B rate of flow and conditioning). Select ENTER. – If you don`t enter value for the limit set, the system automatically offers the value you entered as a condition game. – To create a price scale for a condition game, select the condition game and select the scales. – To view or change the details of a condition game, select the condition game and select the details. To establish a discount agreement, the path is: IMG – Sale and distribution – Processing billing rebates – Discount agreements – Definition of contract types – Definition of contract types [VB (2]. You can check the types of discounts that exist or set a new one.

Below are some of the important fields on the retail screen. For debtor-supplier reduction agreements, the rebuild feature clears all bookings from existing debtor providers and re-reads all billing/receiving lines of products already processed for calculating the rebate, from the start date of the agreement. If the actual customer sold to the customer on your original invoice is part of what determines the commission, then you would have the (s) customer (s) sold in the (s) access sequence (s) for the types of discounts themselves, in addition to the (possibly) distributor (provided the commission rate may vary per sales agent). In the case of a discount agreement type, it is possible to set up to five different contract keys selected from the DIS control keys. You have to define at least one key code. These agreement key codes are the key codes used for compensation agreements defined by the type of agreement. The agree keys determine which discount bookings are considered qualifiers. Key descriptions are displayed in the control panel.

Once a detail of the key to the agreement is available for the type of agreement, it is no longer permissible to change the key codes of the type of agreement. It is not permissible to change the keys to the contract when an agreement defined by the type of agreement has defined the key values of the agreement. Create discount agreements: VBO1 Easy Access Logistics- SD- Master Data- Agreements- Rebate Agreements- Create Agreement type: 0002 – press enter. Fill the screen of the view on the following details: – Recipient of the discount: Non-Payer – Currency – Period of validity – Status of the contract : open – Open – Then go to the conditions Icon – Fill – Material, amount of the reduction, demarcation – savings – Order, deliver, Commission, Out of merchandise – Bill – After, to see the discount in the cycle of sales orders Go to: VF0 ®1 You can check the reduction in VF01 before saving it, otherwise you can also see it in VF02. Discount count: VBO2 Change the status of the contract to “B” (released for billing), while we establish a discount agreement, it is open, so from “open” to “B.” Then, from the main menu bar, you go to ® discounts ® discountsRee are not generated (Doc Type: G2) Go to VA02, enter the discount credit request and delete the billing block and save the document. Go to VF01 – create a credit application (grab and save). > – United Parcel Service offers express service in China>> . Read news: >> > – View the group`s archives:>> > Hello Robyn> > Is it possible to have a sales agent as > discount? I am not sure. Ask > to shed some light on the subject.

> > Regds> Thyaga> In AX 2012 R3, certain combinations of line break type and amount type value in AX 2012, if a value is available in the In qty or An amount field and the total amount of sale or that amount exceeds this value, may result in certain combinations of line type and incorrect amount value.