Ns Master Agreement

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia doctors have approved two four-year employment contracts with the province, where family physicians, anaesthetists and emergency physicians will earn the highest salaries in Atlantic Canada. The contract was signed in the form of a four-year contract between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2023. Doctors can vote on interim agreements between November 4 and 25. The results are expected to be published on 27 November. In a press release issued Monday by Doctors Nova Scotia, it was said that the association`s board of directors had reviewed the details of the preliminary agreement and contracts related to the clinical/university funding plan and recommended that they be submitted to physicians for ratification. But Dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan, a family physician from Nova Scotia, wonders if the province`s significant investments are sustainable. She said the extra millions would likely ensure that doctors are better compensated and that patients who are already in the system are better managed. But she said there is nothing in the agreements that guarantee better access to the thousands of Nova Scotians on waiting lists for a family doctor or specialist.

There is also no hiring plan for physicians and specialists. More than 3,100 doctors will be affected by the agreements, according to Nova Scotia doctors. The master`s agreement will also allow for the retirement and collaboration of new physicians to ensure a smooth transition for patients, said Dr. Nova Scotia. The agreement reimburses our physicians for the important and valuable performance they perform and rewards activities that are particularly appreciated in the face of changing social realities and patient needs. The agreements give doctors an 8% increase over four years – a 2% pay increase per year. The other two key elements of the proposed agreement strengthen funding for the service pricing model and more money for specialists. These investments are incorporated into $42 million of targeted investments in the master agreement and $13.5 million in repair funding in the Clinical/Academic Funding Plan (C/AFP) agreement. Doctors Nova Scotia was expected to ratify a lucrative four-year contract with the province on Monday night that promises Nova Scotia doctors and other specialists in the province to make the highest paid in Atlantic Canada. Details of the contracts between Doctors Nova Scotia and the province will not be made public until after the two agreements have been ratified. After 11 months of negotiations, the nova Scotia physician group entered into preliminary contracts with the province`s Department of Health and Welfare. Doctors Nova Scotia`s Board of Governors reached preliminary agreements with the province in October, and the members` vote ended Monday night.