Bcnu New Agreement

Other features of the interim agreement are the agreement on a framework to address workplace violence and mental health and safety at work. HSA is here to help members like you answer a lot of questions and problems in the workplace. To get the support you need: HSA members, represented by the Nurses` Bargaining Association, negotiated the conversion of one percent (1%) of the 2008 market adjustment to fund inflation protection and benefits for retirees. General health information and tips can be found on BCHealthGuide. 2019 – 2022 PROVINCIAL COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT between nurses` Bargaining Association and Health Employers Association of BC BC HSA`s RPN stewards receive special training to ensure they understand the unique concerns of NPS and the best ways the union can help you in the workplace. We are planning more meetings and to find out about the upcoming RPN-Steward training, visit the event page. Are you a registered psychiatric nurse working in a rural or isolated community? Check your right to remission of student loans. HSA actively promotes the important and unique work of registered psychiatric nurses in workplaces across the province. Through our strong membership in national unions, our partnership with professional organizations or other unions, HSA raises the profile of NRPs and the mental health issues that treat them. The BC Labour Relations Board decided that workers and patients were being put at risk by dangerous tactics used by BC Nurses` Union (BCNU) organisers in December.