An Agreement Or Opinion That Everyone Shares Encyclopedia article on concordance when people sing from the same song sheet, they hide all the discrepancies between them by being in the nglish audience: translation of the agreement for Spanish speakers I have often seen this sentence as conventional wisdom: generally accepted belief, opinion, judgment or prediction on a particular issue. I think that the expression common thought/opinion is what is close to the “condivisibile”: I have not personally taken this action, although I have at least supported it up to my ear, it works! Despite the constant corrections of my computer, I now have to divide its built-in dictionary and I will use it at every opportunity that arises. I invite him to oppose you too to the ban on our fair English language and to accompany me in this rebirth of the single word, however good it may be! How would you express the term : “On the whole, many would share this opinion” more concisely? For example, one last piece of advice: never say “I agree” – that`s not true. We can also agree with a statement, a decision, an article, an opinion, an idea or any other form of communication or position: it is generally reasonable that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Agreeable would have been perfect, but it does not fit because its original meaning is nice and enjoyable; It`s nice. It is particularly inappropriate for another person`s act or decision to be a form of punishment. For example, someone is bottled to park on a sidewalk/pavement despite the lack of parking available (In principle, everyone agrees that parking on sidewalks should be illegal.) You could also try style adverbs that implicitly give your point of view: the word seems a bit atypical: I could only do it in a handful of online dictionaries, and it was not included in any of the freely accessible offerings of one of the heavy-hitters (Oxford, Cambridge, Merriam Webster and The American Heritage Diction). Among those who made a list of agreements, there seemed to be some differences of opinion on whether it should be considered archaic or actually obsolete (I think it was only if a helpful passerby had access to the OED that we might be satisfied with obtaining “official” status). In any case, the word, although used today, is certainly not very common. Having the same opinions about someone or something else to realize that something is true, right or just Opinion X is the best way to find [the most added to the archaic tenor :)] Always say “I agree” and then use one of the words you learned in this lesson – okay/above, you agree that, okay.

As a teacher, I see many of the same mistakes that students often make — and that`s why I created the 200 most common errors in the English course. The phrase of the consensus of opinion, which is not really redundant (see The Sense 1a; the meaning that takes the sentence is a little older), has been so often called redundancy that many writers avoid it.