Agreement Onecle

Location: The agreement can only be amended by the explicit and written mutual agreement of the parties, in which case any amendment or waiver of a provision of this agreement must be attached to the agreement and attached to the agreement. In all cases, the introductor must never act on behalf of and on behalf of the brand. In particular, it will not reach an agreement on behalf of the brand. The contracting parties state that the agreement is in no way regarded as a “common interest mandate” (mandate of common interest), in accordance with the concept of French law: (ii) an agreement on trade agents, in particular within the meaning of Directive 86/653/EEC on the coordination of Member States` laws relating to independent trade agents; (iii) an agreement on “traveller, representative, placier” (trade agents) within the meaning of Article L. 7311-3 of the French labour code. In particular, the introductor represents the brand and guarantees that it does not exercise an exclusive and permanent substitute profession without carrying out a commercial operation for its own benefit, and that this will always be the case during the contract. If this situation changes during the course of the contract, the contract automatically ends and agrees to inform the brand immediately. Discussions have taken place and the parties have decided to conclude this agreement, known as the “agreement,” including its recitals and annexes, which are included in this agreement and are indivisible. EXECUTION VERSION STOCKHOLDERS AGREEMENT THIS STOCKHOLDERS AGREEMENT (die “Vereinbarung”), dated from 15. April, 2010 (the “effective date”) is manufactured primarily by molycorp, Inc., a Delaware company (the “Corporation”) and scheduled persons and any other person who, from time to time, through the performance of a Joinder contract in this agreement, is manufactured primarily in the form of Schedule A (all “shareholders” and each “shareholder”). The company and each of the shareholders wish, for their mutual benefit and protection, to conclude this agreement in order to present their respective rights and obligations with respect to the affairs of the company and the capital stock of the company held by the shareholders. NOW, THEREFORE, taking into account the reciprocal promises, alliances and agreements that are incorporated into them, and for other good and valuable counterparties whose reception and adequacy of the parties are independent experts. This agreement is by no means an employment contract, since the parties expressly oppose any employment relationship as an essential condition without which they would not have entered into this agreement.

EXEcution Version Shareholders AGREEMENT THIS SHAREHOLDERS AGREEMENT (this “agreement”) will be concluded and concluded on March 22, 2014 by and between Palo Alto Networks, Inc., a Delaware company (“parent company”), Cyvera Ltd., a company organized in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel (the “Company”), and the shareholders of the company that executes a party opposed to this agreement. This agreement enters into force and depends on it. W I T N E S E T H WHEREAS, Palo Alto Networks Holding B.V. (“Buyer”) is a subsidiary of Parent. CONSIDERING that, in accordance with this share purchase agreement (the “sales contract”) of March 22, 2014, by and under the parent company, the purchaser, the company, the shareholders of the listed company and the shareholder representative Services LLC, each shareholder of the company is sold, transferred, transferred, transferred and delivered to the purchaser, and the purchaser will purchase from each shareholder all the issued and outstanding shares o In all cases, especially if mandatory provisions apply, the purpose and useful effect of the agreement will be taken into account to the full extent possible.