Agreement Code Sicily By Car

I should have done it!!!!! Unfortunately, I have to submit to the rest of the comments and complaints about this company in Italy. I rented a car in AUGUST 2013 and from that date February-14 8 MONTHS LATER I still receive claims for unassumed tickets that the Italian police cannot confirm I made with the rental car. Easy location of the Sicily By Car rental counter or representative Find out what other customers think – so you can decide if Sicily By Car is the right company for you. We had a great experience. Courteous staff, nice car. Condizione della vettura non era buona in senso che mancava l`acqua al tergicristallo e una ruota perdeva aria continuazione, dovevo gonfiare per tutta la settimana . So I think we should all stay away from Italy to take a future vacation and spend our hard money elsewhere for more service-oriented and publicly organized countries! And by signing the contract, you have accepted the general conditions of sale, so you are responsible for paying these fines, even if you cancel your credit card. Car rental Italy Compare company Sicily Car rental Another stress-free and enjoyable experience from start to finish It is very important to rent to a serious broker and suppliers in Sicily, so book the vehicle of a broker who deals with internationally renowned suppliers (Avis, Hertz, Europcar….) . .