Adultery Agreement Meaning

In some legal systems, it is the intruder (the third party) who is punished, not the adulterous spouse. Thus, article 266 of the South Sudan Penal Code, it states: “He who has consensual sex with a man or woman who is and whom he fofully believes to be the […]

Acknowledgement Agreement Definition

3 ConfirmationsA statement that is printed at the beginning of a book and expresses the author`s or publisher`s gratitude to others. Where an acknowledgement is required, the recipient of the message to be confirmed ensures that the confirmation or refusal is forwarded within the time frame set out in […]

A Safe Agreement For An Llc

Although the safe may not be suitable for all financing situations, conditions must be balanced with the interests of the start-up and investors in mind. As with the original safe, there are always trade-offs between simplicity and completeness, so that while not all Edge cases are addressed, we believe […]

21 February 2014 Agreement Ukraine

These are the basic requirements, and after difficult negotiations – which we negotiated for about 30 hours – we were able to integrate them. I hope that all parties will work towards the implementation of the agreement in the coming days. (…) This framework must now be implemented by […]